Jason Gerber on: What is the hardest aspect of being married to an entrepreneur? And, how did you improve that over the course of your marriage?

There’s a saying: ” love is spelled T-I-M-E”

Being married to an entrepreneur is challenging because time warps. I can start a project, and look up hours later as if seconds ticked by.

It takes personal discipline to realize that as a married person, your time is not totally your own. Projects will always be there, but don’t take advantage that your spouse will always be cheerfully waiting till you get that next perfect detail just right. (cue cold dinners)

Learning the power of NO. No to people who what your time and work even though you really want the project. And most importantly, No to yourself. Telling yourself NO in order to leave a margin of time for your spouse and family.

We’ve been blessed to have a project (business) that has brought us together 24/7. We own an art gallery that I run operations, web store, photography, etc. My wife is our featured artist along with 100 other artists. She designs the displays, media, emails, etc. We have the privilege of working together, so when a deadline is on us, is BOTH of us up till 2 am getting that perfect detail just right!

We also run a wholesale company of my wife’s art that we outfit close to 200 galleries in the US (with 4 employees). Typically one spouse is the entrepreneur, we lucked out.
*I will mention: we have no children. Obviously, our schedule is more flexible.