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What was your biggest worry about having kids while your spouse was starting/running a business? How did that pan out?
Even before I met Cory I always had a fear of being in a marriage, but still being a “single parent.” So after we met, married and decided to start a family there was still a fear that even though I found a partner who I thought would be involved in our daily lives might not always be available to help with children or household chores. Especially a partner who was an entrepreneur. Cory was only 3 years into his business when we met and it has grown every year since. That takes a lot of work and dedication. We talked A LOT. Before we were pregnant, during pregnancy and after. I still had worries and concerns and thankfully he always listened. For us it was all about me being open enough to share what I was afraid of and what was holding me back from truly being open to... Read the rest of the answer here.

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